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Top Things to do in Maryland


Are you planning a visit to Maryland anytime soon? If so,
you will want to be sure that you are entirely familiar with the different
things that you can do while you are there. The truth is, a lot of the
activities that are available are going to depend on which season you are
traveling. The activities during the summer are going to differ greatly from
those available in the winter. Below, we will be going over some of the top
things that you can do in Maryland.

Top 4 Things To Do:

1. Camden Yards

If you travel to Maryland during baseball season, one of the
best things to do would be to see a baseball being played at the “ballpark
that changed baseball.” Camden Yards is known as the ballpark that changed
baseball because it was built with an old school feel to it and a lot of other
stadium designers decided to follow suit once they saw it. This is a great
experience, and it constantly ranks within the top 3 in stadium experiences
throughout Major League Baseball. Whether you enjoy watching baseball or not,
it is an experience that should not be missed.

2. Ocean City, Maryland

If you are someone that enjoys spending time at the beach
and you travel to Maryland during the summer, this is likely going to be
something that you will want to check out. Visiting Ocean City can be great for
your family. Not only does it offer excellent beach coastline, but you should
be able to find ample things to do while you are at the beach as well. They
have an expansive boardwalk that you can walk on and enjoy.

3. Crabs

If you are going to be heading to Maryland during crab
season, you are going to be in for a treat. Getting Blue crabs from Maryland is
one of the best foods experiences that you can ever have. While a lot of the
crabs that are consumed and sold in Maryland are now imported, you can find
some gems still only serving Maryland-bred crabs. You will be able to
experience how locals eat crabs with their Chesapeake Bay crab seasoning as

4. Visit D.C.

Maryland is uniquely positioned right next to D.C. In fact,
a lot of people that live in Maryland work in D.C. Therefore, you should take a
visit to D.C and see all of the monuments and things that the city has to
offer. It is a fun place with a lot of things to do whether you are looking for
paid or completely free attractions.

Overall, Maryland is one of the top places to visit in the
country because there is so much to do around it. Not only is it right next to
D.C, but there are a lot of things to do in Maryland itself. If you visit
during the winter, expect it to be very cold and if you visit in the summer,
you can expect it to be very hot and humid so prepare accordingly.


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